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Written by Ryan. Costello, Jr   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:09
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Pathfinder Character Sheets – Round II
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Page 3 - Pathfinder Character Accelerator
Page 4 - Mediakorento
Page 5 - Modified Neceros' Character Sheet
Page 6 - PF-2
Page 7 - Pathfinder Character Portfolio
Page 8 - Overall
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     This batch of character sheets impressed me. Designers are starting to take the concept of a character sheet in new directions, with clever new sections included and experiments with format. My original intention was to rank the character sheets I reviewed, but I find that hard to do. Mediakorento’s Pathfinder Character Sheet is the only product I highly recommended, but the caveat is that it does not manage certain classes very well. Meanwhile, the Pathfinder Character Portfolio only received a regular recommendation, but it can manage any class very well. I think gamers looking for their perfect character sheet should start with these two.