Pathfinder Chronicles

Golarion guides for Game Masters.

Campaign Setting

Book of the Damned Vol. 1: Princes of Darkness*

Cities of Golarion

Classic Horrors Revisited*

Classic Monsters Revisited

Dark Markets (A Guide to Katapesh)*

Dragons Revisited

Dungeon Denizens Revisited*


Gods & Magic

Guide to Absalom*

Guide to Darkmoon Vale*

Guide to Korvosa*

Guide to the River Kingdoms*

Into the Darklands

NPC Guide*

Seekers of Secrets (A Guide to the Pathfinder Society)

The Great Beyond (A Guide to the Multiverse)*

Asterix (*) indicates a book not currently at our disposal.

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# Article Title Author
1 Seekers of Secrets Ryan. Costello, Jr
2 Dragons Revisited Ryan. Costello, Jr
3 Gods and Magic Ryan. Costello, Jr
4 Classic Monsters Revisited Ryan. Costello, Jr